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1 Whistlestop Mall
Rockport, MA, 01966

A custom confectioner specializing in cakes + handcrafted sweets based on Boston's north shore.


cake menu

Mayflour offers a curated selection of cakes, fillings, and buttercreams to beautifully compliment your menu + celebration. We are happy to make pairing suggestions or share some of our favorite combinations with you. A secondary buttercream flavor can serve as a lovely filing option, and while a filling is not required, we find it often creates important depth and balance within each bite and can be a wonderful way of incorporating seasonal ingredients.

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  • vanilla

  • lemon

  • coconut

  • lemon poppyseed

  • lavender

  • rosemary lemon

  • blueberry (seasonal)

  • almond

  • spice

  • marble

  • chocolate

  • carrot



  • lemon curd

  • lime curd

  • orange curd

  • raspberry

  • roasted strawberry (seasonal)

  • strawberry rhubarb (seasonal)

  • blackberry (seasonal)

  • blueberry (seasonal)

  • earl grey fig

  • caramel

  • hazelnut

  • pistachio

  • bittersweet ganache

  • cream cheese frosting



  • vanilla

  • lemon

  • honey

  • champagne

  • coconut

  • citrus

  • maple

  • cinnamon

  • caramel

  • espresso

  • chocolate


some favorite seasonal pairings:

vanilla cake, pistachio, honey buttercream | lemon poppyseed cake, lemon curd, vanilla buttercream | lavender cake, honey buttercream | rosemary lemon cake, roasted strawberry, champagne buttercream | lemon cake, blueberry, honey buttercream | blueberry cake, cream cheese frosting, vanilla buttercream | spice cake, earl grey fig, vanilla buttercream | marble cake, bittersweet ganache, champagne buttercream | almond cake, raspberry, vanilla buttercream | chocolate cake, pistachio, chocolate buttercream | spice cake, orange curd, citrus buttercream


you can learn more about our sourcing + ingredients here or email for additional information